Who Suffers from Gynaecomastia?

Who Suffers from Gynaecomastia?

Any male, of any age can suffer from Gynaecomastia, but is more commonly found in newborns and teenagers, but can also be found in older men. When babies are first born, they have high amounts of estrogen because of the mother. Male babies often form small breast buds that normally disappear within the first 6 months of life. On the opposite end, teenage boys can develop Gynaecomastia because they do not have enough testosterone in their body while going through puberty. When a male first enters puberty it is typical for him to develop breast buds, but in about half of males, the breast buds disappear in the first years, and the rest of the males typically lose the over development after two years. Gynaecomastia is a common and a natural condition for newborn and teenager boys that should not be alarming and in time will cease to exist.



However, Gynaecomastia in older men is a different story and is typically caused by another condition. Most times breasts in men form when they have certain types of cancer; these include testicular cancer, cancer of the pituitary or adrenal glands, lung cancer, and liver cancer or cirrhosis. Men with hormonal imbalances oftentimes also suffer from Gynaecomastia, and include men suffering from an overactive thyroid. These conditions change the testosterone level, and begin the forming of the breasts. Most time Gynaecomastia can be resolved when the underlying condition is treated.

 Gynaecomastia – Risk Factors

Other factors can increase the chance of Gynaecomastia. It is common to find men who use certain narcotics with overdeveloped breasts. These drugs include methamphetamines, heroin, and marijuana, and alcohol can even play a role in Gynaecomastia. Medication can also cause unwanted breasts in men, but generally speaking, if the medication is stopped the breasts begin to disappear. Chemotherapy, heart, ulcers, and depression medications often cause Gynaecomastia, but many other medications can be responsible for the changes in a man’s appearance. Steroids are also responsible for the over development of breasts in males, and oftentimes an extended use of it causes permanent breasts.

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  Gynaecomastia – Avoid Drugs

In most cases Gynaecomastia is just other part of a male development and will go away on its own overtime. When babies or teenagers begin overdeveloping breasts, there is nothing to be concerned about, but if older men begin growing breasts it may be time to see doctor. Several serious medical conditions could be the underlying cause and should be treated immediately.  Drugs and narcotics also can cause Gynaecomastia to develop, and you may need to stop taking or using them before the condition will go away.

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