I am 43 years old. I wanted to pad his chin for a more balanced face. Please ask your chin implant material is used for what? After surgery, there is no obstacle? There used to be forever? If I want to implant the cartilage of his chin was not there? And in addition to surgery, can use other ways to get face-to-air weight?
Chin plays an active role in creating harmonious beauty face. Some people have thin chin - "receding", lack of elevation necessary to adjust or short chin.

Receding chin plastic surgery to increase height suitable for the chin, symmetrical face. 
Chin implant surgery can make fuller chin to chin the case of thin or short-term extra chin. 

Some filler material is FDA (organization and management of the American Pharmaceutical) for use in humans is in itself material (bone, cartilage ...) or synthetic (silicon shape, alloderm, macrolane ...) Liquid silicone is not used because after a period of exploration can cause inflammation and potentially causing cancer.

To adjust the chin fullness can do one of the following techniques:

- Surgical implant material placed with the way surgery is entirely within the oral mucosa, after consecutive traces unaware of the surgery.

- Laparoscopic surgery is the newest technique, used very effectively in shaping the chin, without using filler material. This approach helps organizations shift the subcutaneous tissue of the patient to make full and protruding chin, with only two very small injection under the skin wound chin areas, completely without scarring.

Stable after surgery will not cause complications, or adverse effects to your health. Long-term results remain stable, sharp tilt in the delicate beauty of religious harmony to the face.
- Or simply use macrolane substance filling. Macrolane injection effect immediately, short-duration, rapid recovery, without interfering with the knife, do not cause scarring.Macrolane is a substance similar to natural ingredients available in the human body, also has biological compatibility should be suitable for filling into body tissues. But the effect only lasts a year (if not continue to perform).
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