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All cosmetic procedures will be performed  by Dr Kim Son Vu who is a qualified cosmetic surgeon. Please note that Dr Vu only perform simple upper eyelid surgery, simple alar base reduction, laser resurfacing and cosmetic medicine procedures at Australasian Medical Clinic Laser Cosmetic Surgery. All other procedures will be carried out at a registered day procedure center.

Dr Kim Son Vu was an overseas orthopedic surgeon  who has migrated to Australia and completed his MBBS in Hobart and obtained a fellowship of RACGP

Dr Vu then underwent a further two years training in general surgery and obstetric surgery at Gippsland Health Services and obtained an advanced fellowship in rural surgery. Dr Vu has special interest in cosmetic surgery, he has passed the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery's examination. Dr Vu  has gone through another two years advanced training in Cosmetic Surgery in Australia and he has been rewarded surgical fellowship of The Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery. Dr Vu is an internaltional member of Korean College of Cosmetic Surgery, Rhinoplasty Society of Europe. He is also an active member of Vietnamese Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Dr Vu has frequently  attended international workshops and conferences in Australia, USA, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Korea and other countries to update his cosmetic knowledge and to learn new techniques  and procedures to ensure  providing a safe and effective cosmetic procedures to his clients.

With the unique background in training and experience, Dr Vu understands the different concepts in beauty between Asian and Australian that allows him to provide the best surgical outcomes to his clients depending on clients' needs and cultural background.

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